60 Years of Quality Teaching and Care Since 1956

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60 Years of Quality Teaching and Care Since 1956


  • Learning to make meaningful choices and experience the outcomes of those choices in a supportive and safe environment

  • Participate in activities that are challenging and thought- provoking but within their reach

  • Learning to be part of the classroom group so that each child feels accepted and obtains a sense of belonging

Self- Concept

Social Relationships and Cooperation

Concord Preschool is committed to supporting early childhood development in a nurturing and loving environment. Our 3 year old curriculum is designed to enhance the social-emotional, language-literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Physical development of your child. This learning experience lays the foundation of continued school success and will help your child gain the confidence they need to help them succeed in their future endeavours.


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Self- Regulations

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Number and Operations

Patterns/ Measurement

Emergent Literacy


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  • Ability to express feelings and needs appropriately

  • Learning to follow simple rules and routines

  • Develop and maintain friendships

  • Demonstrate positive social skills, amnners and learn to become a helpful member of the group

  • Develop an awareness of counting and numbers as a means for understanding quantity

  • Recognize numbers and recite numbers in sequence

  • Recognize and copy simple patterns with a variety of materials

  • Sort and match a variety of objects according to color, shape, or size

  • Explore measurably elements ( weight. Volume, length or time)

  • Put together increasingly more difficult puzzles

  • Begin to recognize, build and draw two and three dimensional shapes